我们激励小学生, 中间, and high school students to discover how exciting STEM exploration can be!


主题: 农业冒险
注册: 2月1日开放
成绩: K–10

加入我们,一起探索农业世界. Investigate different methods of growing plants and learn about and interact with various farm animals. Campers will be engaged in a variety of age-appropriate hands-on activities to help them build their knowledge and skills of agricultural education. 欢迎进入K-10年级的学生报名.

每一天, campers will be introduced to a new STEM concept and will participate in hands-on learning with instructors from the NDMU STEM领导力项目. But it’s not all science—there is also time for swimming, team building, crafts and lunch!


付款 为你的露营车找个位置,然后 遵循以下步骤 完成您的注册.

2023 STEM营信息


STEM夏令营上午8:30开始.m. 至下午五点半.m. 营地活动在下午3点结束.m. 留出时间游泳、做手工和其他活动. 


  • 8:30至9:30 -团队建设
  • 9:30 - 10:30 - STEM活动
  • 10:30到10:45 -点心
  • 10:45至11:45 - STEM活动 
  • 12:00至1:00 -午餐
  • 1:00至3:00 -完成为期一周的STEM项目
  • 3:00到3:30 -与当地合作伙伴进行外展
  • 3:30 to 4:00 - Arts and Crafts/Outdoor Activity with Afternoon Snack
  • 4:00至5:30 -游泳


学费 退还的押金 平衡
$500 6月30日前支付100美元 7月7日前支付400美元


  • Current NDMU Employees (both faculty and staff) – 15% off camper’s tuition
  • 多兄弟姐妹折扣-第一个孩子的学费减免15%, 每个孩子(来自同一家庭)的学费减免20%



为您的孩子预留座位, complete the online registration form and submit a non-refundable $100 deposit per camper by the date listed above.

A limited number of needs based scholarships are available on a first come first served basis. 请联系Juliann Dupuis或丽莎Pallett了解更多信息.



夏令营将为露营者提供零食和午餐. 请每天送一个可重复使用的水瓶.


Campers should wear comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for walking, 运行, 玩游戏. A bathing suit and towel are necessary if campers wish to participate in water activities. 泳池将有合格的救生员和工作人员值班.


家长/监护人负责所有医疗费用. 马里兰大学圣母大学 does not provide medical insurance.



Juliann Dupuis

Dr. Juliann Dupuis is  Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Science Education at NDMU’s 教育学院. She has over 15 years of experience working with and teaching at the elementary, secondary and university levels and over 10 years in content development and teacher enhancement programs in science education. 目前, she works as a facilitator for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to teach environmental education curricula and as a facilitator of the Engineering is Elementary curriculum from the Boston Museum of Science. Previously Juliann has been an instructor for the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts as well as a formal science educator in the 中间 school classroom, 教育数百名儿童. Dr. Dupuis will be overseeing the camp and organizing the curriculum and instructors.


Dr. 丽莎Pallett 是NDMU教育学院的副教授,  谁专门从事小学数学教学. She will be present each day and will help to ensure that the camp runs smoothly by helping to coordinate various activities and supervisor the daily camp counselors.



阿什利Demski is a Baltimore City 学校 teacher and has taught grades Pre-K-3 for 12 years..  她有小学教育证书, 幼儿教育, 教学领导力:STEM, 及行政管理1.   Ashley has helped develop science and STEM curriculum and professional development for Baltimore City 学校.  Ashley是前100Kin10教师论坛的成员, and currently teaches a Science and Social Studies Methods course for NDMU. 


Alyssa Demski works for Baltimore County Public 学校 as a second and third grade self-contained special education teacher and also supports kindergarten and first grade self-contained special education. She received a bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in education from St. 马里兰玛丽学院. 从St毕业后. 玛丽的, she received her masters in elementary and special education from 马里兰大学圣母大学. 目前 she is working with NDMU in order to help create professional development modules in STEM and helping make them more accessible for students of all abilities. 



约旦Kaschak 是哈福德县公立学校的老师, currently working as the Title 1 mathematics teacher specialist for grades K-5. 乔丹之前在HCPS教了六年五年级. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Towson University, and a Masters of Arts in Leadership in Teaching STEM from 马里兰大学圣母大学. 



劳伦Mealey is a Baltimore County public school teacher, where she has taught grades 4th-7th for 12 years. 目前,她教六年级的数学和科学. She has a duel Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education from Salisbury University, and a Masters of Arts in Leadership in Teaching STEM from Notre Dame University of Maryland.


莎拉·特拉维斯 is a private school teacher and has taught high school and 中间 school math for 25 years. She has spent the last 3 years developing a K-4 science and STEM curriculum for her current school. 在教书之前,她做了10年的结构工程师, 设计桥梁和其他公路结构. 萨拉拿的是B.S. 约翰霍普金斯大学土木工程专业毕业, a graduate certificate in Educational Technology from Goucher University, 一个M.A. in Leadership: Secondary Mathematics from 马里兰大学圣母大学, and is currently working toward a graduate certificate in STEM K-8 from 马里兰大学圣母大学.



罗伯特·拉玛的传记 has worked in Baltimore County Public 学校 for 9 years at a title 1 school, 并在过去的8年里担任STEM协调员.  He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Middle School math and science education, 以及教学领导硕士:STEM. He also holds a Master Environmental Educator certification from the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education. 


薇尔玛拉莫斯 is a Baltimore City Public 学校 teacher where she has taught Chemistry and Physics to 10th, 11th 和12th 16年级. She is the lead teacher in Physics at Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School, 她在哪里教荣誉物理. She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree from the University of Santo Tomas and a Master of Arts in Leadership in Teaching STEM from 马里兰大学圣母大学.


Dr. 丽莎Pallett: lpallett@akuanakbangsa.com
Dr. Juliann Dupuis: jdupuis@akuanakbangsa.com

税务资料: STEM营联邦税号:52-059-1641